Mobile Storytelling Platform

Our mobile storytelling platform provides organizations with all the tools they need to create Scenes – location based tours and games for smartphones. Create, share, play and track Scenes in your personal channel.


Create Tours & Games 

With the Scene Maker you create location-based tours and games in 5 simple steps. No installs needed. No programming required.

Drag & drop photos, audio, video, notes, slideshows, opinions polls, challenges and rewards onto places.

Configure settings such as roles, objects, time limits, game levels and more.

Indoor navigation: upload floor-plans and print out QR codes.

Single & multi-player formats including sight- seeing, guided tour, treasure hunt, role-playing, collect & trade.

Custom maps: navigate on any – self-designed – map you want.

WebQuest: format to play exclusively on the web. No phones needed.


All Scenes that are published with the Scene Maker are available on our apps.
Download them for free. For iPhone and Android.

Test your own Scenes with your personal account before final publishing.

Explore featured Scenes, Scenes in your neighborhood or Scenes available in your personal channel.

Navigate on a map and activate Places when you’re close-by.

Preload Scenes over wifi before starting to ensure quick loading of media.

Experience the story, watch a video, answer a question, trade an object, upload photos, score points and get rewards.

Share Scenes, Places, user-generated photos & notes on Facebook and Twitter.


Scene Community

After publishing a Scene from the Scene Maker it does not only show up in the Apps, but also in our online Scene Community.

Browse all Scenes, check out featured ones and those in your personal channel.

Explore Scene pages. Discover the story, check out the Places on the map, see user reviews, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Play back your personal experience: GPS trace, uploads, scores and more.


Admin tools

Use our online admin tools to manage your channel and Scenes. Of course, you can also keep track of how your Scenes are played over time.

Secure access for educators only. Directly in your browser.

Grant others access to create and publish Scenes in your channel.

Manage all published Scenes and update them at any time.

Monitor statistics and results in your channel. Play back GPS traces, answers to questions, uploaded media & more.